The offer object


uuid string Unique identifier for the object
product string The Onbo product you're using to create the application
amount float The LOC amount of the offer, in USD
apr float The apr of the offer, in percent. The apr is equal to the interest rate plus any fees associated with the loan offer
term integer The LOC term of the offer, in months
term_frequency string The repayment frequency of the LOC offer
interest_rate float The interest rate of the offer, in percent
origination_fee float The origination fee of the LOC offer, in USD
interest_only_period nullable, integer The period of interest only payments for the LOC offer, in months
interest_only_installment nullable, float The installment amount of the interest only period, in USD
interest_amount nullable, float The interest payment amount in USD
installment nullable, integer The installment of the LOC offer
start_date string The date the offer was created, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
explanation nullable, string A explanation of the offer criteria
maturity_date string The maturity date of the LOC offer, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD

The LOC application object

"uuid": "b94bc34a-add6-4756-839e-322e357ef307",
"product": "BUILD_CREDIT",
"apr": 0.0,
"amount": 5000.0,
"term": null,
"term_frequency": "MONTHLY",
"interest_rate": 0.0,
"origination_fee": 0.0,
"interest_only_period": null,
"interest_only_installment": null,
"interest_amount": null,
"installment": null,
"start_date": "2022-05-19",
"explanation": null,
"maturity_date": null