Originating and servicing a loan

In this example, you'll see how to use Onbo's APIs for a borrower's full credit life cycle, from application to approval & disbursement, to servicing. This guide will provide cURL snippets for each API request, but you should consider using our Postman Collection for the best experience.
First, let's take a look at a loan's application flow at a high level. Here's how it works:
Now let's go through each step of the application:
1) Complete KYC and create the User
2) Create the loan application
3) Get the Promissory Note
4) Activate the loan and disburse the loan proceeds
Once the loan has been disbursed, we can service the loan:
5) Get a statement
6) Transmit a repayment
Congrats on originating your first loan! Check out our implementation guides for each product, or head over to our API Reference for more details.
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