The application object


uuid string Unique identifier for the object
product string The Onbo product you're using to create the application
amount float The loan amount the user has requested in their application
term nullable, integer The loan term in months the user is applying for
credit_score_consent nullable, bool A boolean representing whether the user consents to pulling their credit
created_at string The date the loan application was created
offers array A list of approved offers for the application. See the offer object for details
status object An object containing the application decision and, if rejected, a details list with user-friendly rejection reasons
credit_report_id integer A unique identifier belonging to the credit report corresponding to the application

The loan application object

"uuid": "d3041dbf-831e-4836-8afc-f2ca3fdab28c",
"product": "LOAN",
"amount": 8000.0,
"term": null,
"purpose": null,
"details": null,
"credit_score_consent": false,
"created_at": "2022-07-27 16:04:52 US/Pacific",
"credit_report_id": null,
"offers": [
"uuid": "61f965d8-af66-4bcc-a592-b6967b519d36",
"product": "LOAN",
"apr": 0.0,
"amount": 8000.0,
"term": 6,
"term_frequency": "MONTHLY",
"interest_rate": 0.0,
"origination_fee": 0.0,
"interest_only_period": null,
"interest_only_installment": null,
"interest_amount": null,
"installment": null,
"start_date": "2022-07-27",
"explanation": null,
"maturity_date": null
"status": {
"decision": "APPROVED",
"details": null