The statement object


next_billing_date string The next billing date, which is the last date draws will be applied to the current statement period. Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD

principal_balance float The principal balance of the LOC, in USD

interest_balance float The interest balance of the LOC, in USD

payoff_balance float The amount required to payoff the remaining balance of the LOC

days_past_due integer The number of days the LOC is due. Returns 0 if loan is not past due

past_due_balance float If the LOC is past due, the amount due in USD. Returns 0 if loan is not past due

next_payment_amount_due float The amount due on the LOCs next statement, in USD

next_payment_due_date string The due date of the next payment, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD

statements array An array of objects representing each historical statement of the LOC, sorted from oldest to newest. Each object consists of the statement's billing_date and a url where the statement pdf is hosted

suspense_balance float The suspense account balance

The statement object

  "next_billing_date": "2022-04-19",
  "principal_balance": 100,
  "interest_balance": 0,
  "payoff_balance": 100,
  "days_past_due": 0,
  "past_due_balance": 0,
  "next_payment_amount_due": 100,
  "next_payment_due_date": "2022-04-24",
  "suspense_balance": 0,
  "statements": [
      "billing_date": "2022-01-24",
      "url": ""

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