This page provides you with all the information you need to service an existing Onbo LOC.

Pulling LOC information and statements

The /statements GET endpoint returns a statements array including a loan's historical statements. The array includes urls pointing to where the statement PDFs are hosted.

Statements must be sent to borrowers at least 10 days prior to their payment due date. See the Statements page for more information on statements such as due date calculation and webhook events.

The /statements GET endpoint should also be used anytime you need to pull the status of a loan, for example, to display the current loan balance or next payment due date to the borrower in your app.

Always use the /statements GET endpoint for pulling LOC status details like balance due, next payment due date, etc.

Making repayments

Onbo makes it easy to initiate repayments on loans from your user. Use the /payments POST endpoint along with the amount, date, payment type and the borrower's repayment bank info. Onbo will debit the account via ACH. For more details on repayments, check out our Repayments page.

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