Consumer and borrower protection is at the core of what we do. Onbo's platform offers a full suite of tools to help you comply with state and federal regulations.

Compliance Policies

The following list of compliance policies are required to launch a credit product with Onbo. We can work closely with your team to craft these, including sharing policy templates and feedback on the documents you submit.

Compliance Management Policy

Information Security Policy

Privacy Policy

Vendor Management Policy

Credit Policy

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Marketing Compliance Policy

Record Retention Policy

BSA, AML & OFAC Policy

Customer Complaint Policy


Onbo will provide the disclosures that must be presented to your borrowers, and will work closely with you to ensure your credit application flow is compliant.

Marketing Guidelines & Reviews

Marketing material such as your website digital/physical advertisements will be reviewed by Onbo's compliance team. We'll provide you with guidelines for the types of material that require review, what changes are subject to reviews and well as general guidelines for marketing a loan or line of credit .

Customer Communication Guidelines

Laws regulate the way inquiries, complaints and other types of communications with borrowers can be handled. Onbo provides the following services to

Compliance emails

Onbo's Notification service takes care of the compliance emails that must be sent to applicants and borrowers by law. This includes emails for a credit application's status and repayment reminders. Onbo integrates with email services like Sendgrid and so that emails are sent on your behalf.

Customer support tickets

Onbo integrates with support platforms like Zendesk so that we can easily take care of your credit-related support tickets directly.

Communication guidelines

Onbo will provide your team with guidelines on how to discuss and respond to inquiries related to your Onbo credit product.

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